Sebestie Negassie School was initially a branch of Merid Azmach Sebestie Negassie School, which was located in the present Nefas Silk Vocational College. Once the Emperor was on his way to Debre Zeit, when he visited the old school and saw how overcrowded it was. The Emperor inquired as to the reason for the overcrowding at the school and was told it was due to limited space and the narrowness of the facility. Looking for other options to ease the overcrowding, he then identified a large, unoccupied field nearby (which is where the school is currently located) and learned that the land was not being used for any purpose. So, he ordered a big hall with classrooms to be constructed. The big hall was then divided into classrooms, and the first batch of students from Grades 1-4 were welcomed in 1964 (or 1956 in the Ethiopian Calendar).

Later, in 1971 (1963 E.C.), the school worked in cooperation with a Swedish nonprofit organization in building 3 new blocks that added an additional 12 classrooms, allowing the school to expand to Grades 1 – 6. Then in 1988 (1980 E.C.), the junior secondary school was expanded, adding in Grades 7 & 8, for which two more blocks of buildings containing 10 classrooms were constructed. At that point, the school officially became both a full primary and junior secondary school.

At one point, with the addition of a further 8 classrooms, the student population grew up to 4,000 pupils. In the 1990’s, the school developed even further and became a high school as well. Now, however, the student population stands at about 800 students as more public schools were opened and the current Metro line running through the city of Addis Ababa led to redirecting students to other schools.

Academics & extracurricular

Sebestie Negassie School has a long and proud tradition of serving children from high poverty communities, providing free education and an enriching learning environment. The school currently offers many extracurricular activities, such as sports clubs, ICT Club, Welfare Club, Girls Club, Mini Media Club, and language clubs. Academically, instruction is provided to students in 9 subjects: Amharic, English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Ethics, Physical Education, Music, and Art. Ultimately, the school aims to provide a high quality, well-rounded educational experience that help shape their students into thoughtful individuals and self-confident, responsible citizens.

Exam Prep & Counseling

Teachers & staff also give special attention exam preparation by preparing different model exams and Q&A competition programs, all of which help keep graduation rates high. Regular systems are also in place to provide advice, psychological and material rewards, and character-building exercises through counseling and other support.



Friends of the School

As proud alumni living locally and abroad, we wanted to do something to give back to this institution and to help improve the educational standards & opportunities for the students currently studying there. Thus, in 2016 (2008 E.C.), we (meaning a small handful of alumni) decided to kick off this initiative by:

  1. putting up this website both for use by the alumni and to help promote the school in general, and
  2. engaging in a number of small educational development projects for the benefit of the current teachers & students.

It is our hope that through these efforts we can build the school alumni network and strengthen the connection between the alumni and the school itself. Each and every person has something to contribute, be it their time, their expertise, financial resources, connections, etc. - and all for a great back to the school we love. We hope you will join us in this undertaking and help build a brighter future for the Sebestie Negassie School community and for Ethiopia.

Throughout this endeavor, we will be partnering with the U.S.-based nonprofit organization Visions Global Empowerment, which has more than 13 years of education development experience serving communities deeply affected by poverty, conflict, and disability. Other than this partnership, Visions' efforts in Ethiopia are particularly focused on empowering the Deaf communities in Bahir Dar & Addis Ababa.

*Please note: Visions fundraises separately to cover its administrative expenses, so aside from minimal project implementation and management expenses (i.e.: banking fees, photocopies, etc.), any donations for this project will go toward the direct implementation of the project itself.




Dr. Efrem Gebremedhin

Dr. Efrem Gebremedhin

USA Alumni Coordinator

(Kansas, USA)

Ephrem Ketema

Ephrem Ketema

Ethiopia Alumni Coordinator

(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Greg Buie

Gregory T. Buie

Visions Executive Director & Project Coordinator/Trainer

(California, USA)