Our Mission

As school alumni, we aim to develop a school model that demonstrates the issues, challenges, and opportunities of public education in Ethiopia and demonstrate how to create substantive, cost-effective, and results-driven change in the quality of education provided.


We are working on developing educational initiatives that would help support student learning at the school and promote the necessary development of the overall school infrastructure (including its human capital). As a first step, we have decided to focus on the following efforts:

1. Teacher Training

An initial 1-day training in "Leadership & Personal Empowerment" was conducted in April 2016 for all school teachers & staff. During this training, the teachers & staff themselves identified and discussed the greatest challenges & opportunities facing their school. We are happy to provide the following summary of this discussion below:

What are the greatest challenges facing your school & prohibiting your students from reaching their full potential?

  1.  Lack of resources, supplies, equipment, & teaching aides
  2.  Low proficiency in English-language
  3.  Lack of information technology & computer education
  4.  Insufficient teacher and staff training & capacity-building opportunities

What role do you envision alumni and diaspora networks playing?

  1. Successful alumni need to be engaged and encouraged to come back and share their experiences. This would encourage the students and their parents, and would give the students much-needed role models.
  2. Volunteering
  3. Contributions / Sponsorships
  4. Giving trainings and professional expertise

What would best help support you in the classroom and in improving the overall quality of education for your students? What are your biggest needs?

  1. Lab equipment & teaching aides/models
  2. Projectors / laptops
  3. Computer lab / multimedia room
  4. First aid training & supplies
  5. Whiteboards
  6. Sports materials
  7. Teacher capacity-building & training programs
  8. Kindergarten supplementary materials
  9. Reference books / library enhancement
  10. Training center for special needs students (especially with regard to life skills & vocational training)
  11. Guidance & counseling training
  12. Basic student supplies / resources (especially later in the year when the supplies run out)
  13. English-language trainings for teachers & staff
  14. Supplementary books, especially for early education and language development (children’s books, English-language books, etc.)
  15. Teaching aides & supplies
  16. Soaps, hygiene materials in the classroom
  17. Some classrooms do not have enough furniture
  18. Children’s play materials
  19. Music books & education, instruments

2. Technology (ICT) Learning Program

In an effort to promote basic computer literacy and the integration of basic technologies at the school, as a first step we are planning to introduce a set of laptops, projectors, portable speakers, and supplementary equipment to be used by the teachers on a rotational basis in order to enhance their classroom instruction. In the process, the teachers themselves will learning about ICT, develop essential computer skills, and gain overall basic technology literacy. Paired with regular trainings and demonstrations in how to utilize the technology in the classroom, we envision this being the first step in bringing the school into the modern world and helping to better prepare students for an increasingly tech-driven future.

In this regard, we are reaching out to alumni & friends in raising the funds needed for this initiative ($6,178 total), which we intend to get off the ground by August 2016. Please help us to achieve our goal by making a contribution today!

*For donors in the U.S., a tax receipt will be promptly mailed to you via our fiscal sponsor organization -- Visions Global Empowerment (www.visionsglobalempowerment.org). All donations are tax-deductible under the fullest extent of the law.